Bavaria - Facts, Figures, Politics

Horst Seehofer

Foreword by the Minister-PresidentVorlesen

Bavaria is the largest and oldest state in the Federal Republic of Germany. The way the Bavarians see themselves and their own state is the result of more than 1,000 years of history. This historical heritage is still very much alive today. The face of Bavaria is unmistakeable and at the same time inextricably bound up in German and European culture and history.

In the last few decades Bavaria has become an extremely modern economic location. With major international companies, strong medium-sized firms, and future-oriented research, Bavaria is now in the forefront of technical and economic progress.

Coat of Arms, Flags

"Bavaria is a Free State. The colours of the state are white and blue. The coat of arms of the state are determined by law."
Article 1 of the Constitution of the Free State of Bavaria


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