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Unearthing potential – Fostering talent

Foreword by the Bavarian Minister-President

More than ever before, management positions in public administration have to be held by outstanding personalities. That is why we are aiming to promote the development of well qualified young managers ahead of time and strengthen top managers‘ expertise. The Bavarian State Government is aiming to achieve this with its interdisciplinary LEAT Advanced Training Programme. The acronym LEAT stands for:

  • L = Lehrgang für Verwaltungsführung (Public Administration Management Course)
  • E = Exzellenz Programm Europa (European Excellence Programme)
  • A = Aktuelles Forum (Current Affairs Forum)
  • T = TOP Management Programme

The advanced training programmes:

  • Provide participants with specialist knowledge and skills of the highest quality.
  • Expand horizons.
  • Develop and foster the personality of participants.
  • Enable insights into companies, social institutions and administrative bodies in Germany and abroad.
  • Encourage discussion on current issues.
  • Require high levels of personal commitment and willingness to learn.