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What we do

What we do

Die Vertretung des Freistaates Bayern bei der Europäischen Union fungiert als Schnittstelle zwischen Bayern und Brüssel.vergrößern

European policy is domestic policy:

More than 50 percent of German domestic politics are determined by European law. In some areas, such as economic, agricultural and environmental policy, it is up to 80 percent. Representing Bavarian interests in Brussels and Strasbourg is therefore just as important as representing interests on the federal level.

The Representation of the Free State of Bavaria to the European Union in Brussels supports State Minister Dr. Florian Herrmann in fulfilling his duties. Bavaria’s representation acts as an interface between Bavaria and Brussels, which means:

  • Informing the State Government promptly about all important political proceedings in the EU
  • Exerting influence on policy formation in the EU, representing Bavaria’s interests to the institutions of the EU
  • Informing the Bavarian Landtag (Parliament), the administration, as well as Bavarian enterprises and citizens
  • Preparing information visits for members of the Bavarian State Government and State Parliament to Brussels
  • Presenting the State of Bavaria in Brussels by means of events
  • Cooperating with other European regional representations based in Brussels

Facts & Figures


The 35 employees of the Bavarian representation create a dense information network to European decision-makers on site. A wide range of working contacts with the Brussels institutions, in particular the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union, the Committee of the Regions and the representations of other states and regions, enables an effective representation of Bavaria‘s interests.


The bi-weekly Europabericht (“EU-Report”) enables the Representation to keep politicians, the administration and citizens in Bavaria up-to-date.


The Bavarian representation is a forum for various events. Each year, more than 300 events with many prominent guests and hosts are on the programme. The spectrum ranges from regular specialist work groups to conferences and discussions, cultural events and major events. A special feature is the biennial Oktoberfest, which is organized by the Bavarian representation according to the traditional Bavarian model.


The Bavarian Representation is open to all visitors with „European matters of interest“: e.g. politicians, citizens, administration, enterprises and universities. Nearly 12,000 guests visit the Representation each year and gather insights in the work of the Representation and current European policy issues.

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