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Creating the best opportunities for the future

Participants speak: How have the seminars and courses, training measures, informational trips and internships helped participants? What lasting inspiration have they provided?

Dr. Helmut Wittmann © Helmut Wittmann„Participating in the TOP Management Programme deepened my understanding of economic and social interdependencies in public administration and provided valuable ideas for making my own areas of responsibility more efficient. I also thought that the programme’s participant-driven approach was useful as it provided interdisciplinary solutions and contributes to increased networking within state administration.“


Susanne Frank © StMAS„The TOP Management Programme has left a lasting impression on me. It was a real breath of fresh air, providing new ideas for public administration: Top qualified speakers offered insights into new academic findings. The discussions with partners from economics and public administration ensured fascinating insights into the (economic) realities in their areas of work. The TOP Management Programme is the basis for a new competency network in the best sense of the word.“

Dr. Stephan Bobe © Dr. Stephan Bobe„I am delighted to have taken part in the first European Excellence Programme. I believe that this course is the right response to the growing number of decisions being made on a European level which also impact Bavaria. That is why it is becoming increasingly important for civil servants in the Bavarian State Government to understand connections with Europe and decision-making processes in the EU as well as to know how to integrate this knowledge into their daily work. The new course’s design takes these requirements strongly into account. An academic clarification of European issues, practical insights into political fields from specialists and language courses in English and French round out the training on offer. The course therefore optimally prepares participants for future work within the European environment.“

Kerstin Wollenschläger, M.A. © Kerstin Wollenschläger„United in diversity“ – that is the motto of the European Union of 27 counties. The Union is incredible diverse, and not just in linguistic and cultural terms. The areas of politics debated on a European level are also diverse, as are the European institutions and mechanisms of European decision-making processes, both in theory and practice. The European Excellence Programme not only guarantees insights into this diversity in relation to the central fields of politics and mechanisms, it also offers high quality specialist keynote speeches in the fields of politics, culture and legal sciences. It also provides participants with much more besides – and that is its undoubted value – thanks to the integrated discussion with state and national politicians as well as European experts from state and national public administration and the European Commission, the programme offers an in-depth insight into how the complex project of European works in everyday practice and how it continues to develop in the face of new challenges. It therefore equips participants with European skills, which are especially needed at state administrative level to help successfully orchestrate with the other 27 players in the European game.“

Thomas Gloßner © Thomas Gloßner„The design of the Public Administration Management Course is a unique selling point for the Bavarian ministerial administration. A wide range of topics, an interdisciplinary approach and diversity in discussion with decision-makers from politics, administration, business, academia, culture and other areas of social life both at home and abroad help make this a truly unique one-year advanced training course. The know-how gained equips participants to deal with many different aspects of everyday work and also goes above and beyond the issues of everyday work in ministerial administration. This groundbreaking training tool allows Bavarian public services to set standards.“

Brigitte Grams-Loibl © Brigitte Grams-Loibl“The administration management course gives participants the opportunity to join a network of civil servants with a wide range of vocational qualifications and multifaceted tasks. These connections help me in dealing with complex tasks in my daily work as head teacher of a large high school. I was able to train my mental strategy during the course thanks to the group discussions on problems and solutions – using case examples from all areas of administration in Bavaria. I had the opportunity to hone my own mind-set and substantially change it in some respects, by allowing others to ask me questions and coming into contact with different views and problem-solving strategies.”

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