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Public Administration Management Course

The Public Administration Management Course is part of the cross-departmental LEAT Advanced Training Programme. Cross-departmental and interdisciplinary thinking is an essential prerequisite for managers to deal with the growing and increasingly complex tasks in public administration. As part of the Public Administration Management Course, prospective managers learn the skills required to master interdisciplinary tasks.

Course content

  • Modern management methods and techniques tailored to the special requirements of public administration
  • Personality development
  • Specialist and cross-departmental teamwork, i.e as part of projects or research
  • Core political fields, e.g. the European Union, top research, environmental protection or education
  • Intensive training in the foreign languages English, French or Italian
  • Voluntary work in companies, social institutions and administrative bodies at home and abroad


  • 15 prospective managers from all Bavarian state ministries
  • Plus guests, e.g. from the state capital Munich or the state of Saxony


  • Prinz-Carl-Palais, Munich


  • 10 months
  • Participants are released from service for the duration of the course.
  • The course takes place every two years.


The advisory board ensures effective inter-generational discussion

The advisory board of the Public Administration Management Course ensures constant discussion between the organisers and former participants of the course. The twelve members are made up of participants from previous courses who now work in all areas of the state government.

The advisory board:

  • Advises managing directors and course managers in their work.
  • Provides ideas for how to develop the course, e.g. suggestions for the design and structure of the course content.
  • Informs the managing directors and course managers about new developments in their specific management fields.
  • Fosters discussion between participants of previous courses.
  • Is always available to answer questions from course participants using their extensive experience – whether these relate to course content, careers or more personal issues.

The advisory board members offer their personal and professional experience as part of the programme, helping to ensure that the course content remains up to date.

The idea of a network is the focus of the Public Administration Management Course. In an effort to maintain and expand this network, all former participants meet once a year for a two-day seminar.

The alumni discuss personal experiences with top class speakers as well as the latest topics, such as:

  • Nanotechnology
  • New developments in brain research
  • A new world economic order
  • The regions India and China

The 2011 seminar focused on the topic „The power of the Internet“.

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