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TOP Management Programme

The TOP Management Programme is part of the cross-departmental LEAT Advanced Training Programme. The Bavarian State Government raises the awareness of top managers in public administration for social, economic and political developments with seminars and informational trips. The course also allows participants to enhance specific management skills.

Course content

  • Current social, economic and political issues, e.g. demographics, social justice, climate change, modern media and biodiversity
  • Leadership management
  • Informational trips to Berlin and Brussels as well as regions outside of Europe


  • 25 departmental managers from top administrative authorities
  • Heads of downstream authorities


  • St. Quirin Education Centre, Tegernsee


  • Five two-and-a-half-day seminars over a period of one and a half years


  • The latest TOP Management Programme started in November 2011
  • The kick-off event for the 5th TOP Management Programme takes place on 24 October 2011 at 6.30 pm in the Prinz Carl Palais.


TOP Management Programme: Networking and cooperating

The TOP Management Programme from the Bavarian State Chancellery has developed into one of the most important advanced training programmes for top managers over the past few years. The participants, departmental managers from all Bavarian State Ministries as well as presidents of downstream authorities, appreciate both the specialist training and the opportunity to network it offers. These networks form the basis for more effective cross-departmental cooperation in the future.

Since 2003, the TOP Management Programme, which runs every two years, has been offering 25 to 30 managers from Bavarian State Administration advanced training on a range of different topics. Every series of events is made up of five to six theory modules as well as three informational trips.

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